Healing is for YOU!

Watch Pastor Christie’s personal testimony of HEALING.

If you want to build your faith in the area of healing, I encourage you take a dive. For me, this meant starting small by believing healing for the lump on my dog’s side and she was healed. This lead me to believe healing from my headaches and heart burns, and I was healed. Then I really took a dive and believed in full health even when doctors told me I had gestational diabetes. God heard me, and He hears you too!

Here are 3 points I want to leave you with as you embark on your journey towards faith in healing:

  1. Command the spirit of affirmity to leave your body
  2. Get in God’s Word
  3. Trust God that He’s going to speak to you personally
  4. Stay encouraged, be around the right people!
I hope my testimony is an encouragement for you today. If you have a testimony of healing, please share them with me down below!
Pastor Christie Amoyo

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